JetX Game Demo – Free to Use

The demo version of JetX Game is a unique opportunity to get to know the game with minimal risks and great opportunities. Here you can quickly open the game and bet for free. This mode is completely the same as the interface of the classic game and also repeats the basic steps, actions and levels. This way beginners can learn how to play, and confident users will improve their skills!

For training, choose the demo version of the game JetX.

JetX Game Demo Version Overview: General Characteristic and Features

Since the demo version of the game does not differ from the classic format in terms of its functionality, you should pay attention to its interface. Read more about the main characteristic features here:

  • The game has a unique flight control panel. Since you are not playing for real money, the variation of aircraft launch and bets are displayed differently;
  • The main part of the screen is occupied by the field on which the aircraft is flying;
  • The window with the amount of money available in the game also have unique features. Since the balance of your virtual funds is reflected here, not your personal funds.

Also on the main screen there is a small window with statistics. This is especially valuable for those who are just learning to play. After all, it is on the basis of statistics that you can predict all possible bets in the future. The main difference from the main version of the game is the lack of chat, but there is a possibility that in time this feature will be able to unite users and demo version!

Learn more about JetX demo features.

JetX Game Demo Rules and Process Features

The JetX game is one of the simplest in the variation of online gambling features. The main thing here is a combination of your luck and some tricks. The main condition is that the bets must be completed before the aircraft takes off and leaves the screen. At any point in the flight, the player presses the “Stop” button, after which his bet is multiplied by the coefficient dropped out to you. In this case, a careful study of statistics, searching for patterns in the fallout of coefficients can help. Each round lasts from one to 30 possible seconds of flight, and its size is purely random!

Learn the rules of the demo version of the JetX game.

What Is the Right Way for a User to Play the Demo Version of JetX Game?

The procedure of taking part in the demo version of the game does not differ much from the classic format. The main difference is that you will not need to make deposits and keep an eye on your personal budget. And detailed instructions on how to “test” such a game are presented here:

  1. Carefully study the online gambling market and choose the most pleasant and comfortable company for you.
  2. Register on the official website of the company that attracted your attention;
  3. Open the casino section and find the “JetX” game.
  4. Open the game and choose its version: classic version or demo version.
  5. See that you are credited with virtual money, place your bets and launch the plane!
Learn all about the correct JetX demo play.

How to Place a Bet in the JetX Demo Version?

The betting procedure in the demo version of the game is slightly, but slightly different from the classic format. It will require two buttons under the flight area. One button starts the aircraft, the second button stops the flight. In addition, there is also additional button functionality, such as the auto start button and auto stop button. To bet correctly, you just need to perform a few actions, including:

  1. Log in to the demo version of the game.
  2. Make sure you have virtual money in your account.
  3. Place a bet or start the autoplay.
  4. Watch the flight as well as the stats.
  5. Stop the flight at the right moment or use auto-stop at a certain odds.
Start placing bets in the demo version of the JetX game.

Functionality and Features of the JetX Game in the Demo Version

On the website of various casinos you can easily find JetX in the demo version. The main feature of the functionality is the opportunity to save personal funds. Do not risk your money and improve your gaming skills. This will allow you to understand how all the buttons work, how to keep track of statistics and what tricks can make the game successful. In the format of the functionality, two buttons can help you: auto bet and auto stop. With auto betting, the start of the plane starts automatically at a certain bet size. Autostop works on the principle of stopping the flight the moment the aircraft reaches a certain point of the odds, chosen by you in advance.

We will tell you how the demo version of the JetX game works.

Benefits of Playing the JetX Demo Version

If you are wondering why you should play the demo version of the game, the answer is quite simple. There are a large number of benefits and positives that will help you make the process of playing the game a memorable one. Check out the detailed list here:

  • The opportunity to practice the game;
  • Working out all the tricks, strategies and chips to get a win;
  • You will be able to choose the best odds size and flight length for you;
  • The demo version will help you get used to the controls and functionality of the game.
You will find many benefits in the demo version of JetX.

Full Version and Demo Version of JetX: Main Differences

When choosing which mode to play, you should base your choice on which one suits you in a given situation and what your goal is. When it comes to choosing between the demo or full version, rely on the differences between the two. This issue is described in more detail here:

Demo VersionFull Version
Free play for virtual moneyPlaying with real user money deposited by the player
No in-game chatThere is game chat
Player support unavailablePlayer support available

JetX Mobile App Demo Version

Many users are looking for comfort. Comfort in online gambling is provided also thanks to mobile applications of various companies and casinos. In the JetX app, you can play JetX as well. At the moment, such programmes work on devices of Android, iOS and Windows operating systems. The JetX Demo version is available in mobile apps as well as the full version. To do this, choose an online casino, download and install the apk file, create your personal account or log in to an existing one and play!

Play the demo version of JetX through the app.


If you want to try something new with the least risks, then JetX Demo version is for you. You will be able to play for virtual money, practice and have fun anytime you want, on websites and mobile apps. It is also very useful in terms of skills. After all, you will be able to learn all the subtleties and nuances of the game as quickly and easily as possible.

The demo version of JetX is ideal for training.


Is it legal to play the JetX Demo version in India?

Yes, it is. It all depends solely on the casino you choose. If the casino has a licence and its activity does not contradict the current legislation, the JetX full and demo version games presented within the casino will be completely legal and safe.

Is it possible to withdraw money from the game JetX Demo version?

No, you can’t. The money earned within the Demo version is also virtual and cannot be withdrawn.